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Sgt. Matt Maupin POW/MIA
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Thank You Harley Davidson






American Cycle Accessories…Upper Darby, PA……Owners

Lauren and Chris Fabre.


Custom Fusion…Las Vegas, NV……Owner, Joyce Stiener.


Performance Harley Davidson…Syracuse, NY…


Zoom MC Parts…Conn…


Cycle Supply, West Virginia……Melinda, Brooke and Perry, Thanks!


Cycle Graphic Inc…Austin, TX……Owner Joe Patriarco.


Army Decals, Jacksonville Fl……Russ Johnson…Thanks Russ.


Renegade Classic MC Outfitters…Cicero, NY…315-699-5736…Owner Jeremy Reynolds, Army Ranger Vet.


My deepest thanks to all of you who have helped make my project become a reality!!!






All the guys at Performance Harley Davidson but especially the following guys:

Brian Giarrosso……………….Service Writer

Ben Campbell…………………Service Writer

Larry Govendo………………..Service Manager

Mike Mannise………………...Sales Associate

Tony McKeen………………...Mechanical Technician


Joe Owen……………………...My Painter and Artist


Diane Weller………………….My Web Mistress and Mastermind of the web idea!



To our local reporter, Ngoc Huynh from the Syracuse Post Standard.  She is a Vietnamese American.  Her parents fled Vietnam in 75.  She is a wonderful person and a totally FABULOUS reporter!  My wife and myself are blessed to have met her!  Her email address is






First off to all my family for their support through the last six months of this project and their patience in putting up with my surly behavior at times.  Especially to my wife of 38 years, Joyce and my wonderful daughter Cheryl, who have stuck with me thought some very trying times over the last 25 years.  And my son in law Tim Kittell for his unknowing inspiration for me to get back into big bikes again.  Thanks for buying that damn Harley of yours; it’s all your fault!!!  My number one supporter…my granddaughter Nicolette, (Niki); she has always been there to help me and to pick my spirits up, sometimes without even knowing it.  She is very wise and beyond her 10 years of age.  And, I know that her little sister Annalyse will have the same impact on me when she gets older!

Poor Joyce, she has had to put up with motorcycle parts littering the kitchen floor 36 years ago and now she’s going through it again.  Thanks for all your support and patience dear!!!


And to all my family members who served in every war since they immigrated to this great country in 1913.  Especially to my Dad (who passed away in 2000) whom along with his brother Nick (who was also and infantry Sgt. and was killed in Germany), I have drawn strength from your sacrifices through these many years and never can thank you enough.  And my Mom (who passed away in 1985 from Cancer at the age of 57), who taught me about loyalty, values and most of all, to pick my friends carefully…you were right mom!!!  My sister, Donnamarie, who along with her husband Rick, bought and built up a business that is doing very well and has been for nearly 20 years now!


To all my friends that I consider made a difference in my life and made it better buy knowing them.  Thanks for letting me pick your brains and at times gave me a chance when I really needed it.

101st Airborne Ranger LRRP brothers that served in Vietnam and all the guys on my site and my good friend:

Dale Krejci 101st Airborne Vietnam 68/69 and Lieutenant in the No. Royalton Ohio Police Dept. who passed away on Christmas Day 2005 of a massive heart attack. 


Warren Darby………..Under Sheriff, Onondaga Co. New York

Kevin Walsh…………Sheriff, Onondaga Co. New York.  Kevin earned nine Purple Hearts as a Door Gunner in Vietnam.

Joseph Snell………….Chief of Police, Town of Cicero, NY

Thomas Winn………..Chief of Police, Town of Camillus, NY.  Tommy, you were the best student that any Training Officer could wish for.  Now, aren’t you glad that I recruited you!  USAF Vet.

Raymond Mincolla…..Police Officer, Town of Cicero, NY.  PBA President.  Army Vet.


And a very special thanks to one of my closest friends and supporter for nearly 30 years, my old partner, Howard Grant.  Howard is a USMC vet but got out before the escalation I Vietnam, something that I think he regrets to this day.  Howard always likes to fight and argue, this would have been perfect for him and his TANK.  Howard is the Senior Investigator of the Town of Cicero Police Dept. and also the Chief of the Onondaga Co. Park Police.  I had the very great honor to stand up for him at his wedding a few years back.  Hey, keep on chugging away old man!!!  We love you Uncle Howard!!!










All the Soldiers and Veterans who did Not make back home and who are still Prisoners of War and all who served our great Country when call upon to due so.  Just a bit more to make sure that they do not fade from our memories!!!

And also to my dear departed brothers who served with me in Delta Co. 2nd Bat. 8th Cav. Rgt. Abn. of the 1st Air Cavalry Division in Vietnam from 1965 to 1972.

But especially to my closest friends some of which were Killed in Action on the day that I was wounded for the last time on January 28th 1969.

Carl (Pepe) Pipher…….KIA 01-28-69…Canton, Ohio…Wildcat Platoon 3rd.

Warren (Snake) Eskridge….KIA 01-28-69, Tangiers, Virginia…Wildcat Platoon 3rd.

James Edmonds……….KIA 02-05-69…North Carolina…Wildcat Platoon 3rd.

Chester Kmit………….KIA 02-05-69…Range Platoon  2nd.


And to all my surviving D 2/8 brothers.  I love you all!!!


And lastly to my dear son Nick Jr. who was killed by a damn drunk driver on 07-11-96 and the age of 27.  I love you son and GOD Bless all of you!!!





Disabled American Veterans Chap. #30………………..Commander John LaManna

Military Order of the Purple Heart Chap.#406…………Commander John DiSpirito

American Legion Post #787…………………………….Commander Hilary Harned

Vietnam Veterans of America Chap. #103……………..Commander Gordon Lane

Town of Cicero Police Benevolent Association………...President Raymond Mincolla


And to anyone that I left out or omitted, it was purely by mistake and accidental.  Please accept my deepest apologizes.


Yours faithfully and in fidelity, Nicholas W. Donvito Sr. February 2nd. 2006





You're website is being awarded the Gold Award for POW/MIA Awareness.  CONGRATULATIONS!
The National POW/MIA Awareness Assn. is more than determinded to help bring out the hushed and little knowlege American's know about what the POW/MIA stands for and represents.  Most small American children think it's two words POW and MIA.  We need to enlighten them.  For far too many years our P.O.W/M.I.A.s have been merely whispered about.  Yet we have dared to use the slogan 'NEVER FOGOTTEN'.  True, but by the FEW.  It's time to make that the MASSES.  And to keep the vigils going to bring each and every man and woman home.  Military families need the reassurance that we ALL stand together in that PROMISE.
You're site helps to fulfill either a part of that ideal, if not the entire ideal.  The Nation POW/MIA Awareness Assn. has decided to award you and your site their Gold Award for it.  I hope you'll accept it with honor as it is so proudly and distinguishly given.  It is also I hope to continue to build POW/MIA chapters throughout each and every state.  Joining is FREE.


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