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Sgt. Matt Maupin POW/MIA
Guest Book

Joyce and I would sure appreciate it if you'd take a few precious minutes of your life to sign our guest book.  Maybe you could post a prayer for Joyce and her illness as the Drs. have yet to completely diagnose her, yet the expense of all the tests is weighing quite heavily these days.  Maybe you want to post a comment on the POW/MIA motorcycle or thoughts on advertising it's sale somewhere I haven't thought of; or maybe you're interested in purchasing it.  Maybe you'd just like to comment on the issue of POW/MIAs, motorcycles, life in general, war, whatever; Joyce and I would truly love to read whatever you'd like to write!  Just a plain, "Hello, I was here" would be great too!
We pray you enjoyed sharing a small part of our lives we wanted to share with all of you!
Thank YOU for stopping by and visiting with us.  We hope you enjoyed your visit!  Maybe you'd like to recommend us to your friends?  PLEASE FEEL FREE!
God Bless Our Troops!
Past, Present and Future.


Joyce and Nick


You're website is being awarded the Gold Award for POW/MIA Awareness.  CONGRATULATIONS!
The National POW/MIA Awareness Assn. is more than determinded to help bring out the hushed and little knowlege American's know about what the POW/MIA stands for and represents.  Most small American children think it's two words POW and MIA.  We need to enlighten them.  For far too many years our P.O.W/M.I.A.s have been merely whispered about.  Yet we have dared to use the slogan 'NEVER FOGOTTEN'.  True, but by the FEW.  It's time to make that the MASSES.  And to keep the vigils going to bring each and every man and woman home.  Military families need the reassurance that we ALL stand together in that PROMISE.
You're site helps to fulfill either a part of that ideal, if not the entire ideal.  The Nation POW/MIA Awareness Assn. has decided to award you and your site their Gold Award for it.  I hope you'll accept it with honor as it is so proudly and distinguishly given.  It is also I hope to continue to build POW/MIA chapters throughout each and every state.  Joining is FREE.


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