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If you would like to schedule an appearance of the finished POW/MIA motorcycle, please email me.
We can start touring with the bike to shows, etc. to help bring about the POW/MIA Awareness
This is my quest!  And I'm living it!!  Thanks to alot of great friends and a wonderful family.
EMAIL Sgt. Nick Donvito



The POW/MIA Motorcycle will be showing in Freehold, NY along side the POW/MIA "Traveling Wall" for the Northeast Vietnam Veterans Reunion association from July 26th to July
31.  They have invited me down with the bike and have promised me 24/7 security on it.  The "WALL" will be displayed at the Freehold, NY Fire Dept. in the beautiful Catskill Mountains.  I have since joined the association and our web site is

You ought to come down, it's sponsored by Nam vets but is open to ALL veterans regardless what service they belong too. And don't say you can't afford it...EVERYTHING is FREE.  The campground, the entertainment and all the food you can eat and soft drinks you can handle.  Alcohol is allowed but it's a BYOB type of thing.  They used to have a whole beer truck there for free, but now everyone is getting older and they decided not to forgo that price again.  They had between 1,500 and 2,000 vets show up last year at the 7th annual reunion.  A lot of them are Bikers of all kinds!!!  Check out the great aerial photos on the web site.

On Feb 10th and 11th, the bike is appearing at the Syracuse Fairgrounds at the annual Big Bike Swap Meet.  This is the only one of it's kind anywhere up here.  These are the only dates this year and guys come here by the truckloads.  If you don't make in the door after the first half hour, then don't bother coming, it gets that crowded!!!  And, after a few beers, we're hoping they get even more happy to buy a ticket.  We pray that we can sell a couple of hundred tickets if not more in two days!!!   I will be displaying the bike along with my buddy Joe who painted it.  We are in the second booth on the right as you come in the main entrance.  What a great place to be!!!  Joe makes out great every year selling his cleaning and other products and Jeremy sell lots of merchandise!!!  Thanks and if you fell like driving up, it's one hell of a show!!!  Bye bye, brother Nick.

 I've been invited to the North Eastern Vietnam Vets Organization to attend their annual reunion down in the Catskill Mountain resort area.  It's all for free, the food, drinks and even the campground.  Last year they had almost 2,000 people there.  It's open mainly to Nam vets but they told me that ANY vet is welcome.  They have even had civilian guests who just belive in our causes attend.  They will be hosting one of the moving WALLs and have requested that I bring the bike down.  It's in the end of July.  I'm bringing my family with me.  You really ought to come down and relax with people of our own kind!!!
There is so much to do there I can't wait.  I'm joining the organization too.   I'm staying at a nearby Lodge since my camping days are over.   The Lodge is owned by a Nam vet who is on the board of the organization.  Go to the web site and check it out. 



 May 29th, riding in the huge Town of Camillus Memorial Day Parade.  The Mayor of the Village was very happy to have me in the parade.  I am just about the only individual that is riding by himself, without out a group or float.
Things are going great here, had my interview with a new reporter that covers this part of the county.  It was supposed to come out in the Thursday "Neighbor's West" paper insert, but she said her editor saw her storyline and now wants to go with a main story in the main paper on Memorial Day itself.  The photographer is coming out Monday to take the photos for the paper.  I will have the bike at my VVA#103 "Watchfire" next Sunday and on the next day at the Memorial Day parade.  Requests are starting to roll in now and things are getting busy.  The web site has helped out a great deal and I was even written to the person arraigning the POW/MIA museum at the USAF museum in DC.  They wanted me to bring the bike down but I can't do it now.  So they have included out link on their web site.  Things are starting to move Di and I have you to thank for it.  I will send you more photos as we get them in.  Take care, brother Nick in NY.
Saturday the 12th of June, at Drivers Village in No. Syracuse from 10 to 4 pm.  This is a huge auto mall and they are having a large car show and called the other day to have the bike there too. 





I think one and all can see the big bucket in the pictures; that was meant for any donations.  75,000 people attended this weekend event.  Should have been alot of donations gathered, right?  I mean, at least enough to have covered expenses of the trip, right?  WRONG!  A GRAND TOTAL of $4.00 was donated.  Read it correctly everyone FOUR DOLLARS.
Have America's People TRULY forgotten our POW/MIAs?
PowMia Angel
And the Eagle Cries.......


 I WILL be at the Syracuse Nationals Car.  We set up on Wednesday the 12th and will start on Thursday the 13th until Sunday the 16th.  Oh, the request for the bike on the 22nd is still a go at the Wynnmore Hotel in DeWitt, NY for the POW/MIA families set up through the Department of Defense in DC.  This is more or less a private matter, but I asked if I could have people come and see the bike too and he said under the circumstances (probably being free to them), that they wouldn't mind.  That is at 12 to 1:30PM on that permitting.  The car show goes all day up to about nine or ten at night.  Thanks again...things are still rolling along.  Oh, my bike will be display next to Tony McKeen's custom Buell. Tony is the technician who was in the photo with me and did most of the work on the bike. 

JULY 13-15    
Hey Nick, I finally got the chance to go to your website and see the bike all together. I also saw the article in the paper. I cut one out to save. I'd like to know if you'd like to display your bike at the Syracuse street rod nationals 13th -15th of July. I will having a booth display for some products, and I'd like your bike to be in the booth. Let me know if you 're interested and available. I hope all is well in the new house.

Sgt Nick,

Just read a story about you in the Syracuse paper.  The work you've done on your Harley is amazing, and will serve to remind everyone that we should never forgot those who are still MIA.

I have two items for you. 

The Department of Defense will be hosting about 100 family members of MIAs in Syracuse on Saturday, July 22.  This is one of a series of more than 100 such meetings we've held for families across the country since 1995.  Through this program, we've had face-to-face contact with more than 12,000 family members.  The families attending will learn about the worldwide mission to account for their loved ones, as well as specific details about the investigations into their cases.  Having read the article about you and your Harley, I thought I'd suggest to you that you might want to show it to the assembled families and government POW/MIA specialists who will be there.  We have a lunch break 1200-1330 on Saturday, July 22, and our meeting will be at the Wyndham Hotel in East Syracuse.  Pls let me know if we should be on the lookout for you.

The second item concerns the annual meeting of the National League of Families, here in Washington.  It's June 21-24 here in Arlington, Virginia, and I know they would welcome you with open arms if you could display your Harley during their annual meeting.  This is a group of families, SEA-only, which was formed by the wives and friends of those who were POW or MIA during the war.  If you're considering coming down for that, please call the Executive Director of the League, Ms. Ann Mills Griffiths at (703)  xxx-XXXX.  She and I were just talking about you today, both of us having read the article.

Larry Greer
Director of Public Affairs
Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office
2400 Defense Pentagon
Washington DC 20301-2400
(703) 699-1169


Harley-Davidson Supports Traveling Wall

For Immediate Release
April 4, 2006

Contact: Lisa Gough
(202) 393-0090, ext.109


Washington, D.C.‚€”The Harley-Davidson Foundation has doubled its support for The Wall That Heals, bringing its total donation for 2006 to $50,000, announced Jan C. Scruggs, founder and president of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, which operates the mobile exhibit.

The Wall That Heals is a half-scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. This traveling exhibit enables many thousands of Americans to have the educational, emotional and healing experience of The Wall in their own communities.

A national sponsor of The Wall That Heals since 2001, the Harley-Davidson Foundation has, in years past, contributed $25,000 a year to help defray the many expenses involved in operating this traveling exhibit. However, normal wear and tear has made it necessary to replace the replica. So, for 2006, Harley-Davidson has doubled its contribution, donating an extra $25,000 to help pay for construction of the new traveling wall.

‚€œWe salute Harley-Davidson Motor Company for its long-standing commitment to America‚€™s Vietnam veterans,‚€Ě said Scruggs. ‚€œThe Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund is grateful to the company and to the people who use Harley-Davidson products for helping the Memorial Fund continue our mission of education and healing.‚€Ě

The Wall That Heals also features a Traveling Museum and Information Center. The Museum chronicles the Vietnam War era and the unique healing power of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, while the Information Center serves as a venue for people to learn about friends and loved ones lost in the war.
The new Wall That Heals will be unveiled on the Lenior-Rhyne College campus in Hickory, N.C., on April 6-9. For a complete 2006 tour schedule, click here.


You're website is being awarded the Gold Award for POW/MIA Awareness.  CONGRATULATIONS!
The National POW/MIA Awareness Assn. is more than determinded to help bring out the hushed and little knowlege American's know about what the POW/MIA stands for and represents.  Most small American children think it's two words POW and MIA.  We need to enlighten them.  For far too many years our P.O.W/M.I.A.s have been merely whispered about.  Yet we have dared to use the slogan 'NEVER FOGOTTEN'.  True, but by the FEW.  It's time to make that the MASSES.  And to keep the vigils going to bring each and every man and woman home.  Military families need the reassurance that we ALL stand together in that PROMISE.
You're site helps to fulfill either a part of that ideal, if not the entire ideal.  The Nation POW/MIA Awareness Assn. has decided to award you and your site their Gold Award for it.  I hope you'll accept it with honor as it is so proudly and distinguishly given.  It is also I hope to continue to build POW/MIA chapters throughout each and every state.  Joining is FREE.


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