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Michael Scott Speicher

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Lyrics: Kristi Lade
Music: Angela Santana
2005 Angeltree Publishing / Sweet Fragrance Music – BMI  
All Rights Reserved




One name on a list – I'm sorry that's me

One name carved in marble – That's not where I'll be

One name on a wall – that you'll never see

One name on your heart – means so much to me



I live in the ribbon you have on your car

I live in the dreams you have of afar

I live in that rainbow that crosses the sky

I live in your life please don't question why


One name on a list – You're sorry that's me

One name carved in marble – That's not where I'll be

One name on a wall – that I’ll never see

One name on your heart – please do that for me



You've never been there and you don't understand

You've never met me though I'm part of the plan

You've never known you could feel so much

You've never seen proof yet you know my touch


Please don't pass this off like a cry in the rain

Please don't forget me, don’t wanna sit here in vain

Please don't stop asking – I feel every prayer

Don't let them leave me – I long to be there



Tell me Lord, don't I matter?

I want to come home…

Please open their eyes

Oh Lord

Please make them see


One name on a list – So sorry that's me

One name carved in marble – Not where I’m s’posed to be

One name on a wall – that I'll never see

One name on your heart – I need to be free





You may download this song free of charge. This song may NOT be sold under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Do not reproduce without permission from the copyright owner(s). If you agree to these terms, you may download the song here.

 Used by permission.


Vocals: Angela Santana

Guitar & Bass: Gary Rowles

Recorded at Audio Media Services, Lebanon Oregon


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You're site helps to fulfill either a part of that ideal, if not the entire ideal.  The Nation POW/MIA Awareness Assn. has decided to award you and your site their Gold Award for it.  I hope you'll accept it with honor as it is so proudly and distinguishly given.  It is also I hope to continue to build POW/MIA chapters throughout each and every state.  Joining is FREE.


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